A ceremonial presentation was held at the MicroStep Technology Centre in Germany for the Industry 4.0-capable plasma power source.

Microstep proudly adds this plasma power source to their portfolio and it will be showcased live at MicroStep’s stand at the Blechexpo. The show will run from the 5th – 8th of November in Stuttgart, Germany. There, the plasma power source will be live in action at the MicroStep booth in conjunction with the new plasma cutting system MG.

In the year of its anniversary, the German systems manufacturer Kjellberg Finsterwalde presented its new plasma system “Q” to the specialist audience under the motto “60 years of plasma”. MicroStep representatives also attended the opening ceremony.

Industry 4.0 Microstep

After years of in-house research and development, you will meet our new family member today. ” Michael Schnick, Managing Director of Teknoholt GmbH, announced as he presented the next generation of plasma systems to the specialist audience. After 60 years of plasma history at Kjellberg, the completely new “Q” series with the slogans such as “Quintessence of plasma technology”, “Quick and quiet plasma cutting”, “Qualified for industry 4.0” and “Quality made in Germany” was introduced and presented to expectant guests. Those who will be attending and visiting the trade fair Blechexpo in Stuttgart have the opportunity to experience the technology live in action. At the MicroStep stand (Hall 7, Stand 7410), the plasma power source will be used in conjunction with MicroStep’s state of the art flagship MG, Plasma Cutting Machine.

Industry 4.0 Microstep

About the new Plasma Power Source Q 3000:

The plasma cutting machine “Q” is based on a new design approach and was designed by Kjellberg Finsterwalde as a pure inverter power source in a modular system. It is possible, therefore to subsequently increase the cutting current and thus adapt the system to change production conditions with little effort. According to the manufacturer, the cutting process is digitally controlled by real-time communication of all components. At the same time, a multitude of sensors, process and status indicators are monitored, which in turn can be analyzed and evaluated by integrated microprocessors. Using the specially developed, browser-based “Q-Desk” user interface, all Information – such as FAQs or video tutorials – can be retrieved on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. In addition to presenting current system information, targeted forecasts and preventive recommendations for action are possible according to Kjellberg. In addition, different data can be securely transmitted to service partners via a VPN connection and with the consent of the user. This means that this new Plasma Power Source is revolutionary and a definite must for your factory going forward.

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